Carpathia Houserules


Chaos in Carpathia houserules

Since helping out with playtesting Chaos in Carpathia I had planned to write a number of houserules for our private games with the emphasis on additional warbands and scenarios. You can download both parts of houserules here.

Part 1: Warbands
This part contains a few necessary changes of the main rules. I've kept these changes to a minimum to avoid the need to crossreference between these housrules and the official rules during games. You should not mix the Warband lists in book with the ones given here. It's also recommended to use the new weapon statistics instead of the original ones.

Part 1 contains the following material:
-Changed and new rules.
-Complete new weapon lists.
-Warband lists for: Human Monster Hunters (British, American, French, Hungarian), Heilige Bruderschaft, Gypsies, Romanian Vampire, Nosferatu, Werewolves, Dr. Frankenstein.

Get Part 1 (250kb)

Part 2 contains the following material:
- 5 scenarios (some based on scenarios in the book and some new).
- Victory conditions for scenarios.
- Simple campaign system for Gothic Horror Campaigns.

Get Part 2 (50kb)

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